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Bernie Madoff vs. Sam Bankman-Fried
In 2008, Bernie Madoff was arrested within 24 hours of his fraud being revealed.
In 2022, SBF will attend the NYTimes Business Summit after his fraud was revealed.
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This is wild.
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@averageinvestor I love The Simpsons! There's actually more to this quote though that makes it even funnier...

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Crazy that the guy is not in handcuffs right now
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@ccm_brett Not to encourage conspiracy-mongering or anything but I'm curious why you and others think think he's not in handcuffs (yet)?
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@tomato Have followed this only casually, but realize I haven't heard anyone articulate exactly what the handcuffs would be for? Twitterers can cry "misappropriation of deposits!!" or whatever, but I just realized I've not read about any specific breech of law. Contract, maybe?
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Yeah everything is crazy right now...