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Major Allocation Shift to Growth
I've had about 15% invested in Dividend style companies that have been relatively protected from the recent volatility.

This morning I'm adjusting my allocation to 82% growth and 8% Crypto ($GBTC $ETHE)

Largest positions will be $AMZN $GTLB $TSLA $SNOW

Anyone else making allocation adjustments to/away from growth? What's your rationale?

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I’ve been tempted, but I’ve decided to keep my weight untouched at about 50 DRIP - 50 growth. My RE portfolio grows by itself at this point so no need to add. Also my 401k and IRAs are dividend driven also.

At 48, health permitting, I plan to keep adding new money to both for at least 5 to 8 years (love my job!) and then leverage dividends to reinvest.

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What's the reasoning for getting long one factor again?
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@investmenttalk high-quality "growth" stocks have sold off to a point where the R/R is very good. My dividend stocks were relatively stable so feel good with reallocated because of my time frame, future contributions coming into the portfolio, etc
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How long had you owned the dividend stocks, @austin? Do you feel the risk of holding those and the research you put into them was worth it compared to the option to just hold cash?
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@tomato great questions Josh. I started this portfolio February 15, 2022 and intend to contribute twice a month for the next 10 years. That's important context.

So I had a chuck allocated towards dividend stocks because I didn't think the risk/reward was as compelling in the growth companies I owned.

As the growth companies have sold off, I trimmed the dividend bucket and allocated more towards growth.

No idea what happens short term, but I believe in the business I own on a 3+ year time horizon.

I will continue tracking a watchlist of my favorite dividend stocks because at some point (maybe 8 - 10 years from now at this rate) the pendulum will swing back to where there's less opportunity in growth and more in value/dividend...but we are FAR from that... my opinion only
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@austin can you tell us more about why $SNOW is on the top of this list?
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@austin wondering what you think of $U, especially at its current price. Any chance it will make it to your portfolio here, and if not, why not? Loving your videos - Thanks!