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Target RedCard: A blueprint for a future AMEX, Visa, Mastercard killer?
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This is a neat twitter thread discussing how $TGT uses ACH and unique perks to not only lure customers away from using their personal credit cards, but also drive bottom line growth and increase customer loyalty.

Is the Target RedCard a blueprint for what may end up being a killer of the traditional credit card model, as merchants increasingly are getting fed up with high swipe and processing fees?
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I was just about to talk to you about this. I gotta find the thread on Twitter I was reading that discussed this and send it to you
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Wow... The Target Debit Card makes up over 11% of Target’s entire revenue? That is incredible 🤯
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@nathanworden I invested in target after I got the debit card over 4 years ago - it’s that good of a product.
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@nathanworden RT, that blew my mind



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