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Fugly day for my portfolio. $V selling off again. $CLX as well. Those are my two largest positions.

Then you have $TDOC. Thought I was out of the woods there. Nope.

Purchasing $ATVI not looking very smart either. $DKNG continues to drop. So does $NWL and $KMI and $WEN. Those are all recent acquisitions.

It's all good. First of all a reminder to be humble. Secondly, I'm in this for the long haul and hold positions for years. So will take the opportunity to add selectively to these dips
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Yeah I’m staying away from ATVI for now but will add more if it drops below 60
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One bright spot is $RBLX. So not all the news is bad lol
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It's a weird day. I'm 50-50
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Also kicking myself over $ATVI. The WSJ report earlier this week showed things to be much worse off than I thought and I'm hoping for some positive news in the next couple months before some options expire, because I'm currently staring down the "nothing" in one of those so-exciting all-or-nothing kind of opportunities.

Here's to better days!



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