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$23.9m follower assets
Trimmed about 20% of my $NET position here. I feel like that's what I should do after this spike. Things can turn around very quickly and so given the current circumstances I think it's wise to raise some money. In case we go lower I'll start adding to my positions again :) I'm eyeing $ABNB $MSFT $GOOGL $DDOG perhaps $TSLA, and then my SaaS faves that ran away before I managed to build up my position $NOW $SNOW $MDB.

I continue to re-evaluate my $SQ position as for some time I had the dilemma of simply consolidating into $SHOP but I still hadn't looked too closely into their earnings and transcript so this will take a little bit. Will be comparing the performance of the two and make up my mind.

Additionally, I continue to observe what the companies on my watchlist do and will react responsibly there, the goal is to stay disciplined and take a position when I'm fully convinced it's a great fit for my portfolio and I love the company, management and all that good stuff.
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