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Slightly bearish outlook
So for those of you that follow my portfolio, just wanted to say that I am clearing out the options and planning to make it only stocks and ETFs for easier tracking.

As for the markets, still mostly in cash and waiting to deploy my capital. Once the market does turn, I'm totally not opposed to a leveraged long trade like a 3xETF or some LEAPs if I still did options.

Anyways, will be posting more often here and of course everything stated here is my own personal opinion and all that fun legalize jazz.
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only slightly bearish is interesting. what would sway you either direction?
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@greencandleit I still have the long bias like most equity investors but not comfortable going full 100% short with my skill level 😅. Maybe if I grew up with short sellers for a year or two.
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@prometheus hey im not a short guy either so i get it lol, i was just curious because unfortunately i believe we're still going way down but id rather buy on the way down!
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Removing options was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my portfolio in the past 12 months. I wish you the same!