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Which Stock to Buy Next Week? (Beaten Down Stocks)
Happy Friday! Maybe the worst time ever to do a poll with everyone heading out for the weekend, but I wanted to see which of the four beaten-down stocks I should buy next week.

I am leaning towards $META. Meta could easily buy back 15% of its shares a year and still have enough cash to play around with VR.
Which Stock to Buy Next Week? (Beaten Down Stocks)
27%$META aka Facebook
44%$NVDA Nvidia
2%$NKE Nike
25%$PYPL PayPal
43 VotesPoll ended on: 07/25/22
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$PYPL looks the best chart wise, so I chose it, :) It's the only one that did not close below yesterday's low today.
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$NVDA is a consensus buy but i think it belongs in your portfolio if you don’t have it already
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@diggity I do not but looks like I might be adding $NVDA next week!
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Interesting results here, that so few voted for Nike. I own them all, and have bought them all (apart from NVDA) this year.
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@investmenttalk I think I will buy $NKE from the lack of love alone
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@conorvalue Seldom do the best entry prices present themself when optimism is at its peak for a business.