"The Market" Stock Pitching Game is Tomorrow! (Saturday 8/7)
Every month we do a check-in to see how past pitches at "The Market" game are performing. Congratulations to David Hoffman @trustlessstate with the best performing pitch (so far) from last month's game!
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David's pick of $ETH.X underwent a protocol update on Thursday morning called EIP-1559 which changed Ethereum’s fee market mechanism and introduced a deflationary pressure to the supply of ETH. The price of Ethereum has risen 39% since July 8th when David did his pitch.

You can watch David's pitch here.

To see the most recent update tracking of all the past "Market" games, you can join the group chat channel on Commonstock here.

Tomorrow's theme is 'companies under $12B' in market cap. We have an awesome lineup:

Amit Gupta @amit
Rihard Jarc @rihardjarc
Yonathan. @y4l.investing
Gaurav Kotak @gkotak
Gaurav Mishra @gmishra
Austin Andrews @andrews_investors

Zoom link for the game tomorrow: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84912073949

See you there!
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And a big thanks to all the competitors who pitched last month!

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At what time is it?
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10:00am pacific time, so in about an hour and 10 minutes from now! @strategicinvestors



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