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Today’s release- $LULU
As we are getting close to 1,600 followers here at Commonstock we thought that a quick introduction might be useful to our new followers.
We are a team of two stock investors at their early 30s, who have vast experience in the financial services and asset management industry and we use our experiences and knowledge to perform fundamental analysis / deep dives in order to identify stocks that fit our portfolio and have a potential for sustainable returns.
We run an investment newsletter at Substack where we share 2 in-depth company analysis per month and provide our thoughts on recent earnings calls of the companies we hold in our portfolio.
Here at Commonstock, among others, we share various insights and thoughts which are part of our analysis/process, anything general that we read and thought it might be useful to the wider investment community and extracts from our write-ups & earnings profiles.
If you want to be part of our investment journey or you are explicitly interested to read today’s release on $LULU, make sure that you subscribe to our newsletter and to follow us at Commonstock.
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Looking forward to this one!
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@investmenttalk given that you are already a shareholder and you already covered $LULU in detail we will be looking forward to your feedback.
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@investmenttalk I knew that you'd be one of the first commenting this post.
Same here - really looking forward to this one as a shareholder and given that $LULU was SLT's July Competition Idea.
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@slt_research our estimate was either you or Conor 😀 thank you both for your support and hopefully you will enjoy it!
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@stockopine Great stuff! Looking forward to it!
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@kostofff thank you Todor 🙏
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Looking forward to your release on $LULU!
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@joeyhirendernath two hours left 👌🏼
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I hope you'll touch on their opportunity in menswear!
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@tomato we do. The report was published already if interested.



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