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$10.4m follower assets
Doing $BROS boots on the ground research
Line was stupid long. Think I need to buy more shares.
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Might have really good sales momentum, but any concerns about the failure to handle margin pressures and valuation still being very high?
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@strat Valuation generally doesn't concern me. My horizon is minimum 10 years, hopefully more like 20+ so I am just trying to own great companies. If I buy high and it falls due to multiples compression, if my thesis isn't broken, I'll just add some more. I am watching margins but not panicking. I bought knowing there'd be struggles along the way as they attempt to build out their chain. I'm mostly watching same-shop sales. They're guiding for flat-to-decreasing due to inflation and their demo being younger, so spending power seems to be hurt more. As inflation abates, the comp sales will need to rebound accordingly.
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I love this picture 😄
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Great picture of two of my favourite things, dogs and coffee.

Dutch Bros coffee, is it better than Starbucks?
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@joeyhirendernath I'm not a big Starbucks guy (although I do own shares). I'm more of a make-a-cup-of-black-at-home guy. However, BROS isn't (currently) going after the SBUX crowd. They target 25 and under, only have drive-thru's and outdoor walk-up ordering. Something like 84% of their sales are iced drinks. Their #1 seller is their Rebel energy drink. Definitely taking a different approach, which is what attracted me to them. My drink was delicious though lol