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Thoughts on their recent decision to scale back on LatAm market?
@investmenttalk ok.. as they start to focus on profits now.
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It's a great to time considering that the CEO is willing to forgo a salary just to get the company back on track
@dissectmarkets yes need this type of commitment. They are having another round cost cutting measures recall.
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@dissectmarkets I own $SE, but a company that has to stop paying its executives to show profits scares me. Either from a compensation angle, or from a profitability angle. I’m putting zero emphasis on that move. It is “symbolic” of their intentions but that argument too stands on very thin grounds. They just went around expanding too quickly and the market hammered them for it.
@irritableinvestor Hi, It's not the company stop paying their "top executives". It would have been initiated by their Top executives or Forrest Li himself as he is the founder of the company. He's also very much into this baby of his.