Adding $SONO here. 1) great product. 2) sticky product [get 1, want more]. 3) IP is valuable, making them acquisition target [$GOOGL 👀] 4) demand outstripping supply. 5) I’m already a customer.
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Pretty big validation for Sonos when Google was found to have infringed on Sonos’ patents.

The backstory:
Google and Sonos had a partnership which gave Google access to Sonos' technology. Google ended up using Sonos tech in its own products and then undercut Sonos.

Sonos sued and asked for a sales ban on tons of Google hardware, including Nest Hubs, Chromecasts, and Pixel phones. Sonos won the initial ruling, but the final ruling will be given on Dec. 13th by The International Trade Commission.

Just another catalyst to be aware of.

Further info for anyone interested: