Hello Commonstock members. I'm new here and can't wait to learn from the pros!
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What kind of investing do you like?
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welcome šŸ‘
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Welcome!!! Feel free to follow me, @from100kto1m, and @investmenttalk. I am pretty sure they will add more good follows on the comments.
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Welcome! I love educating, learning and sharing ideas. Feel free to reach out to me whenever you want to chat about investing
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Welcome, hope you'll enjoy it here too :)
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Hi šŸ‘‹ Vilma , welcome šŸ‘‹
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Glad you're here!
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Welcome Vilma!
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Hey Vilma! Welcome
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Hey Vilma, happy to have you here :)
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Welcome Vilma!
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Hi. Iā€™m actually looking for long term investment. For retirement purposes. Thank you.