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Coatue Bets Big on the Future of EVs
Phillip Laffont's Coatue Management continues to bet big on the future of EVs and autonomous driving.

Q3 Top Positions:

  1. $TSLA - 10.92% πŸš—
  2. $MRNA - 7.83%
  3. $RIVN - 7.49% πŸš—
  4. $UBER - 5.12% πŸš—
  5. $NVDA - 4.77% πŸš—

Q3 Top Buys:

  1. $NVDA
  2. $PYPL
  3. $UBER
  4. $LRCX
  5. $RIVN

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You see the EV consumer reports?

I think they have a problem. The shine is wearing off as people realize the limitations of batteries, maintenance costs, etc.
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@strib Just read it, definitely expect some problems earlier on that will lessen as time and technology moves forward. That said, I don’t own any direct EV bet and would like to wait a few years before buying an EV. The piece did mention some bright $TSLA points though compared to legacy OEM EV makers
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That is a big bet all across the board on AVs. I wonder how the legacy OEM EV makers will do in the next cycle though. They have the brand value still so I wouldn't rule them out. Your thoughts on the space?
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@rihardjarc I think legacy OEM will take a decent chunk of the EV market share, putting lots of pressure on Tesla, Rivan, etc. I personally don’t own any automaker stock, prefer low capex and higher margins
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@hedgevision We share the same view :)



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