What happens in a minute on the internet.
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Where is Commonstock in here? :)
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Excuse me, mu mind just exploded
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@investmenttalk if you think that’s crazy.. a few years ago (so it is probably even more now) I heard that if you were to burn all the data onto CD’s over a day on the internet the stack would go from earth to the moon and back. Brings a whole new meaning to “to the moon!” 🚀🌙
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🤯😳 ~ how much of this is organic vs how much is robotic would be a stat we’ll never see but a stat that needs to be seen.
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Wow, tiktok is on fire!
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I wish there were a spoke for video shares on Instagram. Interesting how in 1 minute, people share so many more photos on Facebook (240k) than on Instagram (65k)—even when taking into account that Instagram has about a third as many users as Facebook—since Instagram is such a photo-forward platform.
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What is the source? (Or date?) I’m surprised to see Clubhouse in it! 😅



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