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Portfolio changes - update 15
Hey fam! I Sold $MNDY and $RBLX at the open, both for consolidation reasons:

  • $MNDY I'm exposed to a similar product through $MSFT Project and Planner + $CRM is invested in Monday through Salesforce Ventures, so I'm maintaining a limited exposure.
  • $RBLX - while I like what they are doing, I prefer an exposure to multiple industries at once, if possible. That's what $U offers me with heavy focus on gaming with a huge market share there but also stuff like digital twins, tools for manufacturing, architecture, advertising, even tools for filmmakers, aerospace and a lot more. profitability in focus, promised by management to come in Q4 this year, sooner than anticipated before.

Also sold my initial position in $ZS. As much as I really like the company, I realized I'll be probably better off going for $NET as their product portfolio covers Zero Trust Security and Web Application pretty nicely with Cloudflare One and other products, so I consolidated into the one I like "more".

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I hope your GFs last longer than your positions lol
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@couch_investor reasonable criticism there, I accept that. I think it's worth noting though that this isn't something I'd normally do but more of a switch in my plans from pure-plays to aggregated exposures. Still trying to figure out how do I want to build this moving forward, though I'm pretty confident that the "aggregated exposure" path is the one I'll be more comfortable with simply because I won't need as much time to spend watching what's going on relative to my free time which will be eaten away substantially by a full-time job soon.

For reference, this is what I posted when I started this and all the reasoning stays true to this day.
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@sammeciar You know I'm just teasing ;)
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@couch_investor sure, no hard feelings, just clarifying in case my actions weren't fully understood or generally for people who read this but didn't follow the whole process all the time.