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X-Factor Stocks
Perhaps my favorite stocked pond to go fishing in is the investing world's dividend-growing, low payout ratio niche.

Historically, this group of companies tends to outperform the broader market average and even adds a reasonable layer of stability.

My all-time favorite stocks to find, though, are those that have the x-factor. (lame, but literal nickname)

Consider the following two charts from $SHW and $LOW:

Post media
X #1

Post media
X #2

Anytime I can find a business that can create an x like this through its declining share count and rising dividends paid figures -- it catches my attention.

Curious to see if anyone else has a weird thing like this that they look for in stocks.

Or maybe even similar x-factor stocks similar to these that you like.
How do you like your shareholder returns?
31%Both dividends and buybacks
6%Buybacks only (done well)
12%Growing dividend only
50%Neither - I want growth
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I voted growth.
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@etfs I used to be that way too, honestly. Now I kind of like a balanced portfolio between the two worlds.
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Both for me, i tend to invest in a few different buckets for different reasons.
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@investmenttalk looks like we are tied at the moment, lol, :)
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@investmenttalk May I ask what kind of buckets you like to target?
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@joryko two portfolios, one is focussed on retirement and coffee canning & yield. The other is a concentrated basket of 12-15 companies with more of a 5Y outlook approach.