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There's a ton of hype around the metaverse, but the first step in getting there is less about what $FB is doing, and more about how it's being introduced to the public via culture.

"We discussed a paradox: does culture predict what will happen in the future or does the future only happen because of the impact that art and culture had on our dreams for the future, projecting our desires?"

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This is a valid point, and comes into play in the funding for scientific research too—

Scientists only apply for grants on projects that they think the government will fund.

So what drives what? Do scientific discoveries come first? Or the government agenda signaling what will be acceptable to research?

When art and culture grips us, the attention placed in a specific area to explore probably helps shape the future itself.
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Great point re:scientific research. This could definitely be extended into everything. If something isn't brought up within media/culture then it's generally not relevant at all. I think a lot of people underestimate how much power they have in creating culture and overestimate how much power how much power corporations and governments have. These are both important examples!



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