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If you could ask your favorite investor just one question, what would it be?
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Warren, can I have 1% of your money please and thank you.
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@hag I think you can even ask for .1% and be okay 😅
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@from100kto1m same, i would be happy with 0.1% as well lol
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Such a great question. I've thought about this all day and still don't have an answer. I don't even know who my favourite investor is.
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@valuabl if you ever come with the question, I would love to know it because I’m sure it will be great!
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How you do manage to “do nothing”?! (Could be to a huge number of greats in this field!)
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@passiveinvestor that’s a great one!
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Hey Warren, do you really do DCFs in your head?
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@ifb_podcast would you be shocked if he said he does or more/less if he does not 🤔
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@from100kto1m that’s a great question. I guess I wouldn’t be shocked if he did because he’s that smart. But also wouldn’t be shocked if he didn’t use them at all.
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@from100kto1m curious what your one question would be?
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@ifb_podcast hmm I would love to know what’s their typical day REALLY looks like not what is told to the public but what’s really going on “behind the closed doors”
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@from100kto1m is he still actively managing the account or is a lot of the day to day decisions up to the two other people he has in charge. Crazy only 2 people control that much money
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What is an investment where you made a compromise with your DD process and still made money(and what is the lesson)?
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@growthinvesting like basically got lucky and still made money?
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@from100kto1m no consious compromise, like suppose they look for GAAP profitability, but they did not in one case
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This is a great question. I think my question would be directed at George Soros or Peter Lynch. I would ask them about what biases they find themselves most vulnerable too and how they became aware of this.



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