I think it’s time…
Well boys and girls I think it’s finally time I talk about Lucid and what better way to do that then the Stock Competition here on Commonstock. I know a lot of you have been so eager to hear my thoughts on Lucid, @strib @seasnar and many many others, and I think it’s finally time. I have been working on something for a couple of weeks now just getting my thoughts on Lucid down on paper, putting this into 750 words is gonna be tough lol. I do have a little write up on Nvidia but I think alot of you would benefit to hear my thoughts on lucid. I know I shared with you my investing criteria in a post before and lucid breaks a couple of those things but there’s a lot I love about lucid and this is the very first company I’ve ever researched besides Nvidia and maybe CVS lol. Be on the lookout hopefully I can get this in my next Friday is the goal. Or if I decide to do another company I’ll let you all know
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Looking forward to it!
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@nathanworden I know your someone who would like to hear my thoughts about lucid too. I didn’t compete in the last competition because I couldn’t decide I won’t let that happen again. I’m way to active on here not to compete. Just don’t know which company I wanna do lol
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Can’t wait to read it!
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Ready for this bro! after talking so much about it with ya I can't wait to see it all in one post🙌
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@seasnar gonna be the best 750
Words of my life lol
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This will be epic!