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Investor Fantasy Draft
There is a “fantasy draft” to pick the best investor for your asset/wealth management fund. Which investor are you selecting with the #1 pick?
62%Warren Buffett
12%George Soros
12%Cathie Woods
12%Other - reply with choice
24 VotesPoll ended on: 06/24/22
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Some of the others in a form of game
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@breakingequity I just tried and Buffett lost to Jim Cramer ahahahah
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Alternatively, you might even reply with "Jakob... I can do this myself!"
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@jlinder That's my response!
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@interrobangbros I had the feeling that someone would vote for that option ahahaha
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I like this concept! I have thought about a fantasy stock pick league - haven't fully thought it out yet, though.
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@scorebdinvestor That seems like a really sick idea! Let me know if you ever come around to it
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I would say myself but I think maybe WEB would do okay although maybe not on 50 year timeline
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@from100kto1m That is a good point, I didn't really think about how much longer some of these people could continue to actively manage a portfolio
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Peter Lynch. Not that I think he’s better than Buffet, but I liked his process and style of investing (from what I’ve read).
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@the_hippie_investor I almost decided to put him instead of Cathie Woods, but decided against it :/
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Dan Loeb would be my first non-Buffett choice