So many dooms day people lately
I'm seeing quite a lot of dooms day people on Twitter lately. I think its time for a purge again. Too many macro voices I don't particularly care about. Strong companies, with great leadership at a reasonable valuation and turn out the noise.
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I agree. I will re-share what I said to @capisce_capital earlier this morning.

Pay less attention to the stock market, its the greatest distraction to investing. If the company had a great quarter, that's all you really need to take away, whatever the market does in the days, weeks, or even months after, is mostly noise.

There is no shame in retreating and paying less attention to macro, the news, et al. Investors tend to have this complex where they feel they have to know everything, be on top of the current events, etc, to have their edge and to feel smart. The reality is that these people spend their years absorbing 95% of useless information.

Boil it down to what matters, check up on your companies quarterly, and enjoy life.
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@investmenttalk Exactly. Easy said, harder to do. Seeing People all of a sudden start to post/retweet more of that content. Gotta purge the useless information
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Kind of what my post a week ago was inferring to also. Every so often I price both the constantly negative & the constantly optimistic “wolf criers”!
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@passiveinvestor Absolutely. So many people screaming 2000 and 2008 right now. It's insane. Cut back the noise!
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I’d love to put together a mute list for these fintwit gods constantly amplifying recent trends (bearish or bullish), so much noise out there
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@karan10489 it’s all relative. Maybe a whitelist for the balanced, open minded sharer/enablers?
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Can't agree more! So important to learn to tune out the noise...
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Even quarterly isn’t that important to me. The more investors become economists, the more I know it’s time to deploy more capital. Usually a great indicator that people are scared, and I take advantage of that. If they knew anything they’d be looking forward to another 2008; unless they’re retirees. That’s how Buffet taught me to build wealth, accumulate during bear markets.

The amount of information I purged from my reading is insane. I barely even read deep dives anymore. All I care about is business performance; I can look at financial data and not get management or analyst bias from reading too much junk.
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Hey, those are the guys who produce the new discounts we love to see. 😂
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Everyone turned to macro/energy expert. But in the end the only thing that you can "control" is that you invest in sound companies with good potential. Can't control or predict macro, nobody can...
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People love whining when they are losing money. I see it as an opportunity to make more by buying well priced stocks. If I see people posting crap, I just unfollow and/ore remove from lists. Voila.
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@thethinkinginvestor I agree, I've also been using the last few quarters of pessimism to double my invested capital. Best times to buy :)
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I think this is actually a great buy indicator! But obviously can't let the noise affect your zen.