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"I needn't predict the demise of the iPhone - it has already started"
Was messing around, digging up some old articles, and I think $AAPL shareholders might appreciate this :)

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For a moment, I thought you were predicting the end of the iPhone. I was going to send someone to check in and see if you were okay.
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@youngmoneycapital Shoulda had a trigger warning, :)
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@youngmoneycapital @investmenttalk had to do a double take as well. I thought Conor was trying to make me cry. LOL
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Stumbled on these the other dayimageimageimage

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@fatbaby outstanding haha
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“Co-chief executive and technological visionary” says “it’s hard to type on a piece of glass” 😂
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@wjared Amazing haha
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This is great. Thanks for sharing.
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This post notification literally caused me to open the app lol. Nice troll Conor 😄
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@jensen *takes notes, haha
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I'd still take a BB over iPhone. Don't @ me
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@couch_investor Contrarian 4ever
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I still use my BlackBerry sir and I would never change to an ICringe
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@invesquotes 🤣🤣🤣
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Can’t wait for the Samsung Galaxy to overtake the iPhone 🤡
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@hedgevision still waiting imageimage

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Thought you were predicting the beginning of the end of the Iphone lol
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@goldenlacllc 👀👀👀
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When I got iPhone in 2010, I knew it would dominate the world. It will continue to lead.
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@cirrus_007 iPhone model 4?
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@investmenttalk yes, iPhone 4, and if I correctly remember, they rolled out retina display and face time.
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Goolging "Will the blank kill the blank?" articles for my next investment idea
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This is great haha
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in hindsight, it was inevitable.
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There's still time #teamblackberry
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I love old headlines. At one point I was saving $TSLA headlines in my investing diary to enjoy later:

"Elon Musk’s pedestal is crumbling, exposing Tesla risks" (MarketWatch); "Will Tesla Be Toyota-ed?" (WSJ); "Tesla's SolarCity deal: Is Musk taking on too much?" (San Francisco Chronicle)

"Tesla Value ‘Inexplicable,’ Says AutoNation CEO" (WSJ); "Tesla Shares Surpass $300" (WSJ); "Tesla, on a Hot Streak, Passes Ford in Investor Value" (WSJ).
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Loved the "crackberry" trend that played out. This was like a Kodak moment when it was faced with digital cameras from Panasonic