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Exercise Caution When Investing in Unproven Technology
If you're interested in lithium please exercise caution when investing in "direct lithium extraction technologies" (DLE).

I would prefer to avoid naming any companies as the jury is still out but if you're considering such an investment, it's worth your time to read the two pieces I've linked to below.

If you have doubts about something, it's better to move onto a better option and in my opinion, the lithium sector offers plenty.

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Wow that CEO in the first article linked has been involved with at least 9 publicly traded companies where, on average, shares of those companies have fallen ~97%.

That is quite a negative track record 💀
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@nathanworden many would go so far as calling this “bad!”
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@nathanworden @jensen Sadly it's not all that uncommon in the mining industry, it's one of the most corrupt sectors. I keep a database of names that have a proven track record of success, as well as names that have demonstrated questionable character. I've found that sticking with the previously successful crowd significantly improves your chances of a great return. I'm sorry to say that my "good list" is about a half page in length, while my "naughty list" is about 12 pages long. In mining, management matters!
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@jennymanydots that’s incredible the “naughty” list is that long. But it’s encouraging to know that there are people out there like you who are keeping tabs and raising red flags when they appear :)
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@nathanworden The price of coal is rather high right now, I hope Santa increased his budget for Christmas. Some of the best Twitter accounts I was fortunate to learn from were the ones that pointed out this behaviour. I really hope I can pay that forward. Have a great weekend!
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@odysseus I learned the hard way on this one - not on SLI but on another one mentioned in the article. Sometimes a loss is less hard to take when a valuable lesson is learned!