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Something that isn’t talked about often:

When buying an ETF it’s important to research how they rebalance and reallocate funds - this can make a big difference for performance and what the fund mangers thought process are

Obviously one of the most transparent funds that does this is ARK (they send out daily emails)

What are some other key things to look for before buying an ETF
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Expense ratio is a major one for me and this is one of the reasons I prefer passive ETFs that track benchmarks.
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@tomato definitely
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Hi Gannon, I agree with your point on the rebalancing and reallocation of funds in ETFs. Another key thing in my opinion to look out for before buying an ETF is all the related costs. Some ETFs are close-ended and, therefore, carry extra management fees.
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@joeyhirendernath great point!
For sure, that has helped me a lot in interpreting that ARK has been left out as a major bag holder at this point of time apparently.



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