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I added to my $PINS position yesterday. It was a small add, but I’m bullish on the future and had a little cash sitting in my account.

I’ll be watching earnings closely next week.
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Ian GrayOctober 27
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Good luck. I'm long. I admit, however, I'm always nervous about buying pre-EPS. Did you hold some back to buy more after if it drops or simply assuming the worst case scenario is baked in following its recent dip?
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@iangrayOctober 28
@ebcapital I didn’t hold any back, but I’ll have a little more cash coming in by then.

I’m not convinced $PINS will necessarily jump post-earnings (the recent evidence would seem to point to the contrary), but I have fair value closer to $55-$60. If my expectations are in the right ballpark, I’m happy picking up shares at ~20% discount even if I don’t time the bottom.

I like their strategy and positioning. Now it’s a matter of execution over time.
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My best bet for Pins is to ride the vol instead of doubling down on it. Lot of work needs to be done. But you said its a small amount, and this is a much better price than $60/$70 per share, so.



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