Redfin - Book Value Per Share Tutorial
Tutorial time! As stated yesterday, Book Value Per Share is the total value of a company’s assets minus the company’s liabilities, divided by the number of shares outstanding. Let's take a look at where to find and how to derive this for Redfin ($RDFN), a company I was discussing two days ago.

First off, you can find any company's financial documents at

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The most recent 10Q will work for us:

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The balance sheet already gives us the stockholder's equity, so we don't need to do the calculation of assets - liabilities. That number is $355,260. We have to multiply this number by 1000 because the balance sheet states it in thousands.

It also shows us the total shares outstanding is 99,394,432.

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355,260 x 1000 / 99,394,432 = $3.57

So Redfin's book value per share is $3.57.

Hopefully this was a helpful way to get a little more acquainted with and looking at financial statements.
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great walk through - i also find this link to be helpful when looking for benchmarked multiples by sector:
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Thanks @eric this is a great resource. I've never seen this site before!



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