The best product to sell in the 2020s is probably blockspace.
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@dougheltonNovember 8
Basically saying that the product that blockchains 'sell' is blockspace, or essentially an immutable open banking ledger. Anyone can buy a spot on the ledger.

To get a little more Woo-Woo on you—Blockspace is the property rights of the Metaverse.

They’re the economies of digital nations.

Basically, all I'm saying is I'm long bitcoin and Ethereum 😄 thanks for indulging me 😆

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That's what I was thinking when I read that but wasn't sure.

I invested in a few years ago and it takes Blockspace to a very literal level. "digital real estate" if you will.

And I am long on both of those as well so cheers to going to the moon!
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@dougheltonNovember 7
h/t to Chris Dixon
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...He says on the day Bitcoin crosses $65k...



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