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The current market environment will mold valuable lessons for investors who choose to continue investing.

"Valuation, business model, and management team are like the three things (we look at). We don’t spend a lot of time trying to predict quarterly earnings."

-Dan Sundheim of D1 Capital.

Read his highlights from the 2022 Sohn Investment Conference, as well as highlights from Stanley Druckenmiller and David Einhorn, here: https://hedgevision.substack.com/p/stanley-druckenmiller-david-einhorn?s=w
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Quarterly earnings shoud be understood as checkpoints to see if the long term thesis is still intact, nothing more imho. Crazy to see how people panic with a 1% miss
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Awesome read! Thanks.
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the last 2 years vs the 2015-2019 have been such a more powerful learning lesson. In the last 2 years so many "weird" things happened that you really get a sense of how far to each side the pendulum can swing. Still can't believe we went from NEGATIVE oil prices to a year and a half later having high oil prices as the main problem...
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@rihardjarc I’ve definitely learned a lot of lessons over the past 5 years from crazy market conditions. Bright side is that we can apply these lessons to the future now that we’ve experienced them in person 🙏