Weekly Reminder: Not Time To Buy The Dip
So many people say timing the market is a fools game but it sure has served me well over my time.
I’m been very bearish all year and continue to be very bearish on the market as we should head leader to break the June lows over the next month or so.
CPI is still hot meaning Fed will remain very aggressive AND QT doubled 2 weeks ago - why would now be the time to buy the dip?
Buying the dip will work if you plan to hold for the next 10 years but why not wait another few months for cheaper prices?

Still 100% cash in my long term portfolio and have been since March.
This market requires patience. I hope I have helped some people this year by not rushing into new positions and allowing cheaper prices to play out.
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100% agree, let my puts print 😝
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@prometheus They must have printed HARD today 👀🔥
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@investorinsight Haha, pretty much. Thank you for the downward pressure xD
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@prometheus Shhhh - dont tell anyone I am an undercover whale in the market....
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@nathanworden Stage Analysis will change the game on a strong system on how to buy the dip instead of doing it blindly :)
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Finally, some sanity. I was just writing about this.
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The problem with selling a company you like in the hopes of buying it back lower is very statistical. If you do that you have to be right 2 times (when you sell & when you buy it back), which statistically means a lower chance of success, than if you just buy it once and hold.
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@rihardjarc True statement. With my technical analysis knowledge - I take my chances on being right twice :)