If you were creating a macro dashboard (in Koyfin) to check monthly, what would you include?


Interest rates
Debt levels
Consumer sentiment
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I think you nailed the 3 things I would look at that I think are important. Interest rates, inflation and consumer sentiment. That’s what I follow
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@christian7621 All moving in a bad direction right now haha!
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@fatbaby don’t worry we aren’t going into a recession. Soft landing. JPOW has got this. I trust the FED…..said no one ever. Cash on the side. Following my beliefs and companies and just trying to get through this on the other side
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@christian7621 Yeah, helps to be young with long time horizons! I'll keep holding and slowly adding.
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@fatbaby love being 23 lol. Long term baby. Fat baby we’ve been following each other for a long time now. Your one of the few I trust and I love how you have conviction in your companies. We may not agree on some names Aka square but you always put your money where your mouth is. I respect you so much man and I would love to one day have a beer with you after we both make it reach on whatever names we are in
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High yield bond yields. When compared to risk free yields (US treasury rates) it gives you a good idea on what people are willing to risk for higher yields. The spread is a good measure of market sentiment
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A few other things I watch are:
• Change in total central and private bank assets
• Federal deficit/surplus
• Unemployment
• Real GDP growth