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What in the world….. BREAKING: DISNEY $DIS JUST NAMED ROBERT IGER AS CEO. Bloomberg Terminal is the source as well as plenty of tweets from Cramer. No comment from me yet
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Should investors be positive or negative? I would say “go woke, go broke” but Iger started the woke movement at $DIS so maybe it’s something else? 🤔

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@sidnistandard that’s exactly how I feel. Should I feel positive or negative because I don’t feel either meanwhile everyone’s jumping for joy on twitter. Think the board got tired of Chapek and how he was handling things but to just back him it really makes no sense at all. I’m concerned actually
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OMG. Wow.
It was always tough gig for Chapel having to follow Iger.
Tim Cook managed to weather the storm after following Steve Jobs, but it seemed like Chapek was really struggling because he lacked the diplomacy and negotiation skills that was such a hallmark of Iger.
Frankly I'm surprised the Disney board moved so fast.
I'm also surprised Iger wanted to come back given he was all set for a quieter life.
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@jazziyoung those are the two weirdest things to me. Why did the board move so fast. Yes I know the business and him weren’t executing but you just backed him and gave him your backing. What changed so quickly? I’m surprised Iger wanted to come back as well. He didn’t seem like the one that would ever come back. Idk how to take this news really. Idk how I feel about it, gonna take me a while to understand this
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@christian7621 I think there's many of us trying to make sense of it. Guess we just have to wait for more details to unfold. There'll be plenty of rampant speculation, so shareholders just need to be patient and bide their time until the facts come out.
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@jazziyoung Having just said this, I'm just going to partake in some speculation.
Assuming he hasn't done something egregious that warrants instant dismissal, a separation this quick can often be caused by a difference in philosophy or strategic direction with the Board. If you think about movie directors being removed from films, sometimes midway, it's often down to "creative differences".
Here's a quote from Bob Chapek at the WSJ Tech Live conference back in late October:
"I always say that when our fans and our audiences put their kids to bed at night after watching Pinocchio, or Dumbo, or Little Mermaid, they're probably not going to tune into another animated movie. They want something for them"
This is not good, given Disney's lineage is animation that appeals to both adults and children. If this is his belief about animation, imagine how that could translate to his strategic decisions and management of the animation studio units. Many feathers were likely ruffled. One of Walt Disney's most popular quotes was:
"I do not make films primarily for children. I make them for the child in all of us, whether we be six or sixty"
We could put this down to a Chapek faux-pas, but he's had quite the track record of them during his tenure as CEO. It may not have been the final straw, but I could imagine it's a contributing factor to his demise.
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Wonder what Iger will do differently going forward. I understand that Chapek was not well liked by employees - there was even a petition to remove him - so bringing back Iger will at least boost morale. But strategy wise, how will Iger redo the pivots made in the last 12 months ? I am bullish on $DIS and markets are not giving credit to the value that DTC will create for Disney for years to come
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@consumeowntech I’m curious to see what he does too. That’s the exact reason I’m bullish on Disney too. DTC will create amazing value for Disney for years to come. Markets don’t like it because it’ll take time. Let’s see what Iger does now. This won’t make me get rid of the stock it just makes me scrutinize and look at them even more now
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He's going to do great. Am I the only one curious how much he's being paid for this comeback...from retirement!? Haven't seen a salary figure or other incentive cited anywhere yet.
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@tomato I heard about salary only 1 million in base salary but there’s room for incentives to also go up another 1 million. Not that much at all. He came out to truly help Disney. They needed him and he couldn’t see Disney go down this way



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