$GOOGL I've been using YT Premium & YT Music for almost 5 months now. Loving it! I'm not going back to $SPOT.

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This sub has basically replaced my Netflix & Spotify subscriptions, and I don't miss anything.
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Always great to hear about customer's experience. Thanks for sharing!
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Do you find YT Music is as good as $SPOT. Long both Spot and Goog so curious
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@ccm_brett Yes. Love the UI, recommendations, functionality, ability to add videos into playlists, so even music that's not on Spotify like some remixes I can add to my playlists which I otherwise wouldn't be able to. YT Music also does an equivalent of Wrapped every season, 4x a year, so that's also great. For 7,29€/month, just 30 cents more expensive than Spotify sub, I find YT Premium combined with YT Music much better value

Many people likely do too, hence why it's estimated YT Premium (YT Music) is the fastest growing service in the space, particularly among young demographics.