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SaaS businesses and their strong economic profile
According to Bain & Company, SaaS businesses will represent 41% of the total Global Software Revenue in 2025 (c. $ 900 bn projected).

The Revenue CAGR achieved by that category was 31% between 2016-2020 and their average GM for the same period was 71%.

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Source: Bain & Company - Global Private Equity Report 2022

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Software continues to feast on the world.

The more software the more we rely on evolving computing architectures and ways to deploy and manage software which in turn requires more software.

It's eating the world and itself.
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@buyingyourtime That's the reality.

On another point, we, as a society, however need to decide the speed of implementation in order to benefit the most of it long-term.
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@kostofff I concur.

It's funny on a high-level we should just implement as software saves money, its good deflation, and makes people more productive. But, we seem to accelerate adoption under crises - Inflation, a financial crash so need to become more lean and efficient.

The old adage "Don't fix what's not broken" is negative for software adoption and in turn for us.



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