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He started purchasing wine north of $ 100 per bottle ...
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@kostofff Yeah, interesting takeaway from an experience like that. My thought was it wold be something like "spend more time with family." The interviewer (and the audience) were definitely surprised.
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@nathanworden Priorities ...
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I see his comment as more of a "spend a little, live a little" motto. Yes, he's a multimillionaire, but we all know you can't take your money with you when your time is up. Perhaps this was just a reminder for him to spend more and enjoy his life in doing so. Food for thought!
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@acb123 that’s a fair interpretation! I like it :)
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Find that people were hit with this realization during covid ....nothing is a given, there are two outcomes either you find out you didn't save enough for rainy days and ought to have or didn't prioritize the more "fun" things in life. Awesome youtube short Nathan!



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