Your thoughts on this move are appreciated!
I'm considering making $JEPI the largest holding in my portfolio, specifically into my taxable trading account. This would speed up my potential early retirement date by a little over 2 years; adding roughly 8-9k of new income. My dividend portfolio is fairly diverse, but this would become my largest holding. This would be new money so no sales would be made to fund this purchase. Am I being blinded by the additional 9k of income to see the downside of this move? Any thoughts you have on this would be really appreciated!
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Tagging $JEPI holders as they are likely to have more insight into the potential downsides as part of their DD @investor_from_nepal @yaninvests @walker @conorvalue @silenceinvests
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I love $JEPI and the growth hasn’t been nearly as bad as some of the other monthly dividend etfs like $QYLD. I might also make this my biggest holding. I added it to my Roth IRA recently. Great income stable price
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@yaninvests I wish I knew what was inside the ELN that are their largest holdings. That's what holding me back.