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Hardware + Software

What are some examples of companies where the main objective is to earn revenue through software or a platform but they also sell hardware that pairs with their software/platform?

$ROKU revenue split is ~80% platform, 20% hardware
$ALRM revenue split is ~65% software, 35% hardware

Some may say $AAPL has best in class hardware as a method of locking users into iOS…

Surely I’m overlooking a lot of companies using this ‘Trojan Horse’ method of growth
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Fun exercise. $SQ $PTON $CSCO come to mind
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@ban3rg great call on all 3 there
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Does anyone know the revenue split on $PTON?
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@sidnistandard looks like it’s about 80% products / 20% subscription
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Still early, but $NNOX fits the bill here as well



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