(PIX) Pixium Vision — Next-generation implant chip highlighted
Pixium Vision develops bionic vision systems for patients with severe vision loss. Its lead product, Prima, is a wireless sub-retinal implant system designed for dry-AMD. The company started implantations as part of a European pivotal study in early 2021.

Pixium has announced the publication of data in three peer reviewed journals highlighting that its second-generation (2G) Prima sub-retinal implant chip has the potential to restore vision at an up to five times higher spatial resolution than the current-generation (1G) implant chip. While the 1G implant is being advanced for patients with severe vision loss due to dry age-related macular degeneration (dry AMD), we believe the 2G Prima, if successful, can significantly expand the addressable target market to patients with less severe forms of the disease. Pixium is developing the 2G Prima in collaboration with Stanford University and it holds a worldwide exclusive licence to the technology. The company plans to start clinical trials with the 2G Prima implant chip within the next two years.

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