Mexican Aiports - Research
Continuing with Mexican airports, I would like to share this short research to introduce the 3 most important in the country and know your thoughts!

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Oh this is great! Just what I been looking to read :)
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@from100kto1m Another point that I didn't mention is that OMA's passengers usually make job related trips, so revenue is less cyclical and more recurrent because is not related to tourism
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Fantastic writing here. 👍

Thank you for sharing. 🙏

Very impressed by the consistent growth rates over the last decade and those ROICs and margin profiles are fascinating , I was surprised.

Thanks again and I’m definitely going to watch these three going forward.
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@joryko Thanks Josh! I hope it was helpful. And I agree, revenue has grown steadily for the last 10 years (except in 2020). That's impressive