$ZVO before earnings
Dear ladies and gentlemen, looks like my Tesla shorts are being squeezed! Unfortunately, we are entering a recession of the lower and middle classes, meaning people are going to be going back to school to re-skill and try earn a remote salary, hence why I bought back shares of Zovio.

Good luck everyone and happy investing and trading 😎

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This is a smart play… 👀
Gonna go research $ZVO now
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@sidnistandard depends on the earnings, but even $LRN has performed well, and that trade leans more on remote workers moving to affordable neighbourhoods that inevitably have worse school districts due to lower property tax, so why not do online schooling, since the lifestyle is clearly working out for them!
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@bobdylan68 good point and great line of thinking! Too bad $ZVO doesn’t own skillshare or coursera. I’ll be looking into $LRN as well… ty!