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Words of Wisdom for the $TSLA Bears..

"The market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent"

Is $TSLA's valuation detached from reality? Yeah, sure.

Is $TSLA due for an inevitable pull back? Probably.

Does this mean your shorts / puts are gonna print??.. Probably not my friends..

Why? This is one hell of a trend. One hell of a following. One hell of a leader in Elon Musk. Take a look at @captain's post from yesterday momentum is a hell of a thing.

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@007November 6
stock specific shorting such a hard art. You literally can have exactly the right bear case and still the price can run irrationally against you. Sub prime was one of the few times shorting properly worked and Paulson et al had those trades on for a long, long time costing them a fortune. Most smart hedge funds are now giving up as risk rewards don't stack up. Much better to short an ETF/go long VIX or something that doesn't carry you out on a stretcher. be interested to know who has made good $$ on their short book on here.
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It's so annoying that you're so right.
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I’ve owned shares since 2014 (most were bought 2019 though). I’ve never sold any until now. As it shoots up I’ve started to take some off the table. I’m not short per day, but I am one of the people who has sold some $TSLA recently.
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Kimbal Musk just sold over $108 million worth of $TSLA shares...



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