📈 Momentum continuing to weaken for $NFLX relative to $NVDA so I placed the appropriate orders.
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Nvidia is on a tear today, do you have an indicator for when a stock gets overbought? Seems like eventually this momentum has to wear out.
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I have tried to figure out how to optimize selling high but have found it difficult if not impossible--especially for investors like me who focus on large cap momentum stocks and leveraged ETFs. Usually when I sell an asset at what seems to be a high price then the asset's price will keep going higher. Instead of "buy low and sell high" the adage should be "buy often and cover your assets" using stop loss orders and black swan indicators. The market has tended to go up over time for the past few decades with only temporary setbacks so the optimum strategy is probably to be in the market as much as possible and to focus on the Optimum Mix of assets.



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