I'm growing more and more interested in $MA. Will be digging deeper in the upcoming weeks.
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$V > $MA in my book but both are great decade+ holdings.
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@interrobangbros any reason in particular? This chart suggests to me they had to do some decisions better than Visa.
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@sammeciar Unless you can re-do that chart to include Visa's data from the ~2 years they were private while Mastercard was public (and as much as I love Koyfin, I'm pretty sure even they can't do that), I'd call that chart a bit disingenuous. Look at it from the day Visa went public and it's significantly closer (~1,500% for MA to ~1,400% for V).

That being said, I just prefer Visa, in my portfolio and in my wallet. Some metric for in Mastercard's favor, others go in Visa's favor. They're both great long-term holds. It's basically a duopoly with AmEx and Discover distant 3rd/4th.
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@interrobangbros I agree that they are both great decade+ holdings. Can't go wrong with either one with the way the world is changing! I do have a position in $V
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I also prefer $V to $MA
V has better op and net margins of 67% and 52% vs 56% and 46% for MA.

More share count reduction 47 vs 25% in V favor

However MA does have better ROI and slightly higher growth. So you’re really splinting hairs
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@rpinvestments Any insight into why Visa has superior margin structure when they both are similar companies?
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Some anecdotal evidence: all the higher cash back (2-3%) and newer CCs I have are MA. I wonder what’s driving that and how it impacts the bottom line? Could just be a small sample coincidence.
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@the_hippie_investor Anecdotal too, but I can't remember the last time I seen a Visa card. My own bank (one of them) shifted to Mastercard a few years back.
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@sammeciar was there anything specific in the news or something you read recently that made you curious about $MA ?
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@joeyhirendernath no, was just thinking about the position they play in the world of finance and wanted to dig further.