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Turned off all price notifications across asset classes recently which has helped me tremendously. Peeped at $BTC.X last night and saw a -18% on the day…been a while since we’ve seen a candle that large so I had to scoop more up.

Do we go further lower from here? Perhaps. But has, across its life, days like this generally been an opportunity to get long Bitcoin than act as a sign to jump ship on capitulation days?

Never met someone who is bearish Bitcoin that’s put an honest 100 hours of research into it. When assets all move directionally in tandem because of larger circumstance at play, pick and choose where you want to shoot your shots.
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I simply decided to nail the bottom. Hope that’s okay with all of you. Thanks for playing!
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Have you seen CryptoWhale's tweets or read his articles on $BTC.X?
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@dissectmarkets I have not. I think that guy is a clown, to be quite honest 😬
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@dissectmarkets nvm scratch that I was thinking of someone completely else lol, I forget his name I guess. Have not previously seen this CryptoWhale twitter acct