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$19.9m follower assets
I’m loving $SPOT right here
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Why so?

I do love that they aquiring the best talent under their umbrella
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@gannon I think they can monetize ins a way most don’t see coming. Similar to what $ROKU has done.
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I find it hard to understand the Spotify case, as music is a commodity. I am usually not concerned about 'where' I listen to my music. Have you written about Spotify before, would love to read it?
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@joeyhirendernath the key for me is that they aren’t a music company, they are an audio company. I’ve got 4 or 5 blogs on $SPOT on my blog

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Do you view this as a luxury utility?

I'm worried about growth and that while they're certainly the best streaming platform for music, that it soon won't really matter as Youtube, etc catch up.

Also, similar to video streaming, I view this space as becoming increasingly commoditized.

(I'm a previous owner that sold this year)
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@eric Utility? No. A utility like gas, electric, internet—people need those things to live and no shift in trend or cool new thing is going to change people's water or electric usage. $SPOT is influencing some growing trends right now with the shift to spoken-word audio and that makes the stock look like an exciting opportunity. But a shift in the culture to...whatever's next could upend them.
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@eric $SPOT and YouTube have been around for 10 years. Youtube has had plenty of chances and blown them all. $SPOT has taken advantage.
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I want that sweet 200 number. 😋



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