Random thoughts on where we go from here...
Well... it appears people are still purchasing over-priced Airbnb's and lattes at Starbucks (ABNB expressed strong demand for travel).

Earnings have been better than I thought. Job openings are still elevated and unemployment is still low. If the market is thinking the Fed could get less aggressive here, I think if anything, this gives them the green light to keep staying hawkish.

The S&P 500 (ES) has been pretty choppy at a major support level. Feels like it is just waiting to hear from the Fed for now.

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What is your take on how high the Fed can raise interest rates over the next couple of years?

Personally I find it hard to believe they could raise rates above 3%, because the federal governments debt service would become unmanageable.

3% is much, much lower than the all time high in 1981 of (a dizzying) 16%.

While it might be healthy to get interest rates up above 5%, what do you see as realistic as far as where the Fed CAN put interest rates?

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@tim_esteben I think I agree with you … over 3% is a stretch
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I feel like there’s a brutal awakening coming soon. Spending is up, inflation is also up, and markets suck. Soon people will catch wind of this and have to cut down spending. Just my 2 cents.