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Ringing the register a bit!

Thank you $MCD for a nice return. I’ll be using that soon! And thank you $FUBO for running like you are! Had 25 calls, sold 5 today. Plan to sell maybe 5-10 more before earnings next Tuesday to lock in the gains then let house money run through the quarterly announcement!
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👀👀👀 those $MCD gains 💪
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@nathanworden lol I’m good but not that good! I sold for an average of 70% gain but not bad in 10 days! Idk the math just went all wonky on the linked trade haha 😂 I actually did much better on the $FUBO ones selling them for like a 200% gain
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@strib your $MCD gains should be fixed.. +87%, not bad at all 💪💪
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@olympia thanks for always fixing things so quickly! Kudos to you and the @commonstock team!



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