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Hello Commonstock 👋

I have a favor to ask… I’m part of a new project that recently went into BETA and I would like to ask for those who are in task management or into tech to beta test it and provide feedback

What is the project?

It’s called Tasks Ninja 🥷

You can also watch the video below to learn more ⤵️

You can do a free 14 day trial without credit card and if you have any questions or want o extend it , I’m sure I can take care of that

It’s still work in progress but my friend is hard at work at making it better every day.

If you have more questions please DM me here or Twitter

Thank you, i really appreciate it

PS if you yourself don’t find this useful but might have someone who might please share the link to it and let me know. Again thanks!
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This sounds like something i actually need, will give it a look Yegor!
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@investmenttalk appreciate it! Any feedback is will also be appreciated 🙏
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This looks really interesting 🧐 will need to trial it to understand how it free’s up time for more deep work.



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