The Paradox Of Love Stocks $BMBL $MTCH
Here's something funny. Or perhaps tragic. Or both.

If you look into these now multi-billion dollar dating app businesses, you'd notice they make money on premium and paid features - but for them to generate revenue, they need you to first keep using those apps.

In other words, they're financially incentivized by you searching for love, but not finding love. If you find love, they're losing you as a customer.

This has to be really bad for society.

Free markets lead to competition, and in order to compete, one needs to follow financial incentives to build shareholder value. As much as the Zuck harps on about human connection, Facebook and Instagram have become very profitable dumpster-fires of tik-tokified perpetual scroll addiction content.
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Its a good point, but when you consider that only 15% of Tinder users ever pay for something on the app, there is still a decent portion of expansion there; if they can execute. Moreover, they have a lot of scope for penetration in Asia. The fact that people churn when they find love is well established; but so too is the fact that American divorce rates are... 50% haha. New customers right there.
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Hinge (owned by Match) had good marketing, designed as “the app they want you to delete” (meaning find a match and thus mission accomplished). I liked their angle with that campaign, but they know dang well they want people to re-up and stay subscribed 😆