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Portfolio sharing time!

Top two holdings are:

$MSFT - really comfortable holding this. Best enterprise software player. I particularly like their HoloLens play as Metaverse for industries.

$SE - needs no introduction. Bullish on e-commerce (particularly in SE Asia) and the conglomerate of businesses they’ve built.

$KROEF - this was a play on a Web3 hedge fun but hasn’t done particularly well despite the recent crypto run. Need to dig !
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Do you ever fear that Sea Limited is growing too big too fast?
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@joeyhirendernath I'm ok with that as long as the fundamentals are solid. Also, I have a long time horizon and think the TAMs they target are large. Therefore, even if price gets out of hand here and there (either way) I'm confident it'll keep performing well in the long run.
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Thanks :)



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